Friday, 7 March 2008


This is s 4D scan picture of my latest grandaughter due to be born in May. Isn't technology amazing? When I first started having children, the best they could do was listen to the heartbeat and we were incredulous at that!


* It is thought, by many people, to be unlucky to point at the Moon.
* It is supposedly unlucky to marry when there is a waning Moon.
* If you get your hair cut on a Friday that also happens to be a new Moon is won't look anything like you expected.
* If a woman gives birth when there is a full Moon she is likely to give birth again on a full Moon.
* According to the Lunacy act of 1824 people were more likely to go mad when there was a full moon.
* Your nails will grow healthy and strong if you file them on a Friday night when there is also a full Moon.
* Two new or two full Moons in the same month means there will be bad weather.
* During the full Moon there are more visits to doctors and epileptic fits are more common.