Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Christmas Tarot

It may seem a little late to be talking about The Christmas Tarot - but I'm going to anyway.
This is a twenty-two card Major Arcana only deck inspired by the magic of a Victorian Christmas and the images were selected from Victorian Christmas cards. There are several changes of card names. The Fool is The Child, The Death card has been renamed Nativity, The Devil card is The Angel and The Tower is called The House of God. This is an electronic deck that can be easily downloaded in less than a minute. It can either be printed yourself or, as I did, sent to an on-line photo processor which gave excellent results - much better than I could have done at home. Included is a printable 45 page guidebook which includes descriptions of each card, several new spreads and tips and suggestions for your Christmas Tarot readings.
Visit the website and see the images on-line before buying and downloading. I can't actually see myself reading with this deck but I do love looking at the images - it's beautiful.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Quadrantid Meteor Shower

This shower of medium speed meteors can be seen radiating from a point in the north-east, assuming a cloudless sky. The bright, waning, gibbous moon may hinder viewing slightly this year but it's worth looking out this evening after 19.00 GMT as the hourly rate has been as much as 120 meteors per hour in recent times although this is more likely to be 40-60 per hour.

Lower numbers should be visible between the 1st and 5th January but the peak numbers are expected on the night of 3rd and the morning of 4th January.