Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Secret techniques for taking Tarot to an exciting new level.
It was nearly a year ago when Catherine first mentioned to me about a book she had written with Paul Hughes-Barlow and having long been a fan of Paul's website Supertarot and more recently of Catherine Chapman's excellent blog TarotElements, I eagerly awaited publication and I haven't been disappointed. I have never really been a fan of the Celtic Cross tarot spread although I can see that it is useful so I was interested to see what was beyond it, as this book promised. The technique described takes a Celtic Cross reading and then re-reads it using the card counting techniques which are adequately illustrated. I had tried several years ago to learn this technique but I couldn't quite "get it" but the way that Paul and Catherine talk one through the steps makes it much easier to understand. So I then tried this method with an actual reading myself. The Celtic Cross spread that I laid out was OK but a bit ambiguous in places and I didn't gain much insight from the interpretation. I then re-did the reading using the card counting technique and the reading came to life and made absolute sense - I was amazed and so pleased that it actually "worked" for me.

I was going to describe this book as not one for beginners but then I thought "why not". There is something for all levels of experience to learn in this book and a beginner could do a lot worse than to learn these techniques from the start of their studies. Also explored are the rules of Elemental Dignities, card pairing methods, Elemental bases and the power of the Aces.

The journey through this book opens up new experiences of interpretation and insight to take tarot readings to exciting new levels. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it to anyone wishing to further their tarot learning experience.

Winter Solstice

At the time of the Sun's lowest ebb, the shortest day, the dying sun sets for the last time - but no sooner has the Sun disappeared than the seed of coming life again grows. Tomorrow the Sun will rise anew. The cycle of life will begin again with the Waxing year.
The Child of Promise, the Sun is reborn,
Bringing hope to the Darkness of the forlorn,
Death has been and left its mark,
With winter's bleakness, cold and stark.
We look towards the promise of spring,
And make our plans for New Year to bring,
With joy in our hearts as the old year departs.