Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Full Moon in Virgo 11th March 2009

This is the ideal time to focus on our diet and eat more healthily.This is the Full Moon to take responsibility for our health and celebrate our bodies.

If you are dealing with a serious health issue just now, don’t take anything at face value.What are the psychic causes of physical illness? What are the spiritual implications of disease? What is my body trying to tell me about my life?

Become an active partner in your healing process. Read the research, ask lots of questions.Virgo wants to understand the mechanics of illness so that it can better affect a cure. This kind of questioning may include opening yourself to alternative treatments or new approaches.

Every Full Moon should be viewed as a golden opportunity to expand your consciousness, spread goodwill around the globe and learn more about your higher destiny. Don't succumb to the lower temptations to conduct a tug-of-war with significant others or bicker over trivial pursuits.