Friday, 25 January 2008


On 26th January 2008, Pluto moves into Capricorn - which it hasn't done for 230 years so this is something out of the ordinary. Astrologers are waiting to see what is going to happen in the next 15 years particularly in the world of politics. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn and important event happened - the U.S.A. was born on 4th July 1776, Independence Day. Typical Capricorn characteristics are that of stability and conservatism but also that of patriotism and domination. These factors can produce inspired leaders or on the other hand, dictators.
On a more personal level, this can affect us in terms of how we feel about power. Capricorns and Cancerians (being opposite to each other) are likely to find the next 15 years significant. The important thing to remember about a Pluto transit is not to fight it, embrace any changes and try to understand why they are happening.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Three Square Meals?

Three square meals a day is a norm we are all taught. But what about the quality of the food. What is good and what is poison. The historians, the biologists and the marketing men have all convinced us that eating meat is both normal and good...but is it? Filled with antibiotics to keep the animal healthy, filled with the adrenaline of an animal that knows it's about to be slaughtered, filled with chemicals to keep it looking good at the point of purchase, do we really know what's in it? The 'industrialisation' of animal production is a language which in itself signifies an attitude of disdain towards conscious beings who have their own dignity and their own ways of showing us their affection. But we say that they know no pain, so it is OK to kill and consume them. Stand on your dogs foot, or accidentally put a needle in your cat, and we are reminded that they know pain as acutely as we do. In fact they often have a greater sensitivity and empathy to our moods than we have to our own. Entrusted with the caring of our planet and it's animal kingdoms what do we do... we grow them, kill them and eat them. Perhaps it is no wonder we are reaping the fruits of those actions. So what do you think, to eat or not to eat, to care or not to care, to break out of the lazy mindset that says, "But its always been that way", or perhaps to say, "maybe, just maybe, this is not the right way!"

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Moon Phases

Whether you believe it or not, the Moon exerts a powerful influence on our lives. If you follow its phases and plan your life and actions around them, it is possible to achieve great results.
If you want something positive to happen in your life then the waxing Moon is the ideal time to set it in motion. For example, if you and looking for a new job then this is a good time to arrange an interview. This is a great time for success, courage, luck, health and friendship. If you are looking for new friends then make the most of socialising when the Moon is waxing.
As the Moon grows from waxing to full, then so will the positive power that you put into anything. This is the time to start a new job or set up a new business or sign a contract, go travelling or join a club.
When the Moon is waning, it is diminishing so this is the time to banish things from your life. This could include getting rid of a partner, breaking a habit such as smoking, banishing an illness or losing weight. In other words getting rid of anything detrimental in your life.
The new Moon is invisible to us but that doesn't mean it's not there. New beginnings are indicated here, such as looking for a new relationship or a new home or even a whole new life.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Glastonbury Tor

The landscape surrounding Glastonury is a treasure trove where sacred sites abound. The most obvious is Glastonbury Tor which can be seen for many miles around, rising up out of the flat surrounding meadows. The green hill of the Tor, topped enigmatically with its tower has become a symbol of Glastonbury, dominating the surrounding landscape and town.
There are many myths and legends associated with the Tor – it is the home of Gwyn ap Nudd, the Lord of the Underworld and King of the Fairies, and a place where the fairy folk live.
In early-medieval times there was a small monks' retreat on top of the Tor, founded probably in the time of St Patrick in the mid-400s. This was followed in the early 1100s by a chapel, St Michael de Torre. This was destroyed in a powerful earthquake in 1275 and rebuilt in the early 1300s. The tower is all that remains today.
Many power lines in the earth that for centuries were known to folklore, have now been traced using dowsing methods.These are geomagnetic lines in the earth and can be likened to acupuncture meridians in the body. Ancient people found that using them made all forms of travel, messages and communications easier. Christian churches later replaced the older sacred sites that were built along these lines. The Michael line is called that because most of the churches on it are dedicated to St.Michael, who was the Christian version of the protective male deity originally associated with this line. In the same way, St.Mary churches delineate the Mary line and replaced older shrines to a nurturing and gentle earth mother. The male and female nature of the two lines was thus preserved and continued by the Christian interpretation.
The Michael and Mary lines in particular are especially powerful. They connect major sacred sites throughout the South West and beyond. But it’s only on the Tor that their energies combine. In a harmonious dance of earth patterns, the lines move ever closer as they approach the summit. At the top, they merge and unite. Perhaps this is what makes it easy for so many other kinds of opposites to harmoniously come together on the Tor.
When they flow down from the Tor again, the lines then pass through the other major Glastonbury sites – Chalice Well, the Abbey and nearby Wearyall Hill. Their energy may be an important source of the strong mystical element that’s been associated with these places for many hundreds of years.