Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Three Square Meals?

Three square meals a day is a norm we are all taught. But what about the quality of the food. What is good and what is poison. The historians, the biologists and the marketing men have all convinced us that eating meat is both normal and good...but is it? Filled with antibiotics to keep the animal healthy, filled with the adrenaline of an animal that knows it's about to be slaughtered, filled with chemicals to keep it looking good at the point of purchase, do we really know what's in it? The 'industrialisation' of animal production is a language which in itself signifies an attitude of disdain towards conscious beings who have their own dignity and their own ways of showing us their affection. But we say that they know no pain, so it is OK to kill and consume them. Stand on your dogs foot, or accidentally put a needle in your cat, and we are reminded that they know pain as acutely as we do. In fact they often have a greater sensitivity and empathy to our moods than we have to our own. Entrusted with the caring of our planet and it's animal kingdoms what do we do... we grow them, kill them and eat them. Perhaps it is no wonder we are reaping the fruits of those actions. So what do you think, to eat or not to eat, to care or not to care, to break out of the lazy mindset that says, "But its always been that way", or perhaps to say, "maybe, just maybe, this is not the right way!"