Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Animal Communication - what is it?

I recently attended an Animal Communication workshop run by Oephebia of "Animals Can Talk2Me" and the following is a brief description, by Oephebia, of this amazing technique.

Have you ever wondered what your pet is feeling or thinking?
Animal communication can provide answers.

Animal communication is a very simple technique enabling the communicator to receive information telepathically from an animal. Information will be in the form of smell, pictures, words, sensation or thoughts.

The information gathered during a communication will be translated and then conveyed to the guardian of the animal.

Animals tune in to our moods or events with radar like precision because they tune in telepathically to us all the time. Any animal lovers will tell you stories about a dog knowing when their guardian is returning home, a cat being already in the kitchen when their guardian is thinking of feeding them, and the list goes on.

We can learn to use telepathy, which is dormant in most of us, to tune in to our beloved companions. Anyone can learn to communicate with animals; no need to be a psychic! It is not a gift but an acquired skill. The more practice a student of animal communication will do, the better and clearer the communication will be. No mystery or super power here, just an old fashioned learnt skill.
The ingredient for a successful animal communication is unconditional love for the animals, with no judgement. Just a genuine interest for their well being is what is required for animals to communicate.
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