Sunday, 21 March 2010


Whilst getting ready for bed last night, I noticed a spider on the carpet and to stop it getting trodden on, I thought I would give it a little nudge with my toe so it would run off to a dark corner - as they normally do. I'm not afraid of spiders and usually let them get on with doing what they like doing best and accept their presence. However, this spider didn't run off, it turned towards my toe with an aggressive stance. I tried the same thing again from it's rear and it again turned to face my toe. I had been expecting it to run off and was taken aback by this behaviour. I then got a pencil and tried the same thing again - it attacked the pencil and bit it, well it would have done had the pencil been soft. I did this again just to check I wasn't imagining things and it again turned to attack the pencil.
By this time I was getting a little freaked out. It wasn't a large spider - no more than 1¼" including legs but it's attitude was a little scary.
A little research needed I thought so, off to trusty old Google having secured the spider under a glass. After trawling through a dozen or more spider photos and descriptions (for definite indentification) I discovered the following:

"....the 'aggressive house spider' or hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis), is known to bite humans with little provocation. Despite its name, it is rarely seen in houses, preferring sheds, garages, and log piles.
... it is a spider to be avoided. It can and does bite and the poison can cause dizziness and headaches."

I was beginning to wish I hadn't tried to find out more and quite surprised what I was reading. Anyway, I don't like to kill things for no reason so I took "Mr. Hobo Spider" out into the garden and let him go.
I'll certainly be a little more careful in future when dealing with spiders and won't forget this little encounter in a hurry.


Alison Cross said...

I found a bloody odd looking spider under a pot plant in the front garden. It was so odd that I went onto the intertubes to find out about it and it was a bitey spider!

I didn't know we had such things in the UK.

Still didn't kill it though *halo*

Ali x

Lori Green said...

Hi Alison,
Yes, it's a bit scarey. I'm certainly going to be a little more respectful and careful in future. X

Cher Green said...

Interesting post. It's amazing how many different spiders there are.