Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Leaflets and Letterboxes

The past couple of days I have been delivering leaflets door to door on a large housing estate in the next town. Well, not actually leaflets, they are money off vouchers for beauty treatments at my step-daughters beauty salon.

It may sound like a completely dead-end type of job (well, I didn't actually get paid) but approached with the right frame of mind it's actually OK.

Apart from the much needed exercise I find it quite interesting looking at the designs of people's front gardens and the variety of plants in them. I was also wondering how close the relationship between front gardens and the house interiors are.

Does a neat front garden relate to a neat interior? An untidy front garden full of weeds and litter might mean the living accomodation needs a little to be desired - lacking in housework? What about lots of flowers? Does this mean a fussy, romantic type of interior decor with lacy net curtains and flowery wallpaper? If there was just a patch of grass, perfectly manicured grass with two box topiaries in square silver pots - would this be a male household? It did give that feeling.

There is such a contrast though - some people just don't bother (or perhaps they don't have time, or don't care) and others have beautifully thought out designs requiring lots of care and attention. Different strokes for different folks - each to their own.

One thing's for certain - whoever thought of putting letterboxes at ground level had never worked as a postman.


Alison Cross said...

Loved your letter box comment at the end!

Untidy house = untidy mind. I should know as I've got a house of clutter and untidiness lol!

Ali x

Inner Whispers said...

I think front garden and interior can often bear little or no relation. For example, my partner is in charge of all gardening matters, as I have a total black thumb. If it were left to me, we'd have no front garden to speak of, or just a mess of weeds. However, I am generally neat and tidy, and like a colourful, warm living space on the inside. Yet another perspective to add to the mix...

Lori Green said...

Ali and Chloe,
two completely different perspectives - just what I love about these blogs. Everyone sees and experiences things differently.
Thanks for commenting. X