Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Time Travel through Music

Music. What is music...pleasing harmonious sounds by one or more voices or instruments? Yes, of course it is but it's so much more than that. A certain piece of music can instantly transport us to a different time and/or place. It's almost like a form of time travel and along with that comes all the emotional stuff.

I find that some songs have such an emotional hold over me that I can't listen to them without becoming taken over by the memories they hold. Daft maybe but they are so deeply entrenched in my psyche and hold such vivid memories of particular times of my life.

How is it that we can remember so many words of so many songs from so long ago - without even trying. An interesting project for the future would be a timeline of my songs.


Ania said...

Do it! Could be a fun project :)

Lori Green said...

Yes, you're right. A song for each year? There's a few years that would need more than one. That's a lot of songs. :-)

Inner Whispers said...

I've sometimes used particular songs to help me evoke emotions for therapeutic purposes, and it can be so powerful! I think doing a song lifeline sounds fabulous and hope you'll let us know how it goes :-)

Lori Green said...

That's an interesting idea Chloe, using music in that way and I can imagine how effective that is. X