Tuesday, 25 January 2011


I never really meant to collect orchids - it just sort of happened. I have been bought several as presents over the years and have bought a few myself, but only if they have been severely reduced in price of course. So now I have more than a dozen and most of the time half or more of them are in flower so I must be doing something right. They are all Phalaenopsis (or Moth orchids) in various colours.

This morning, I went to a talk on keeping and growing orchids and very interesting it was too and I picked up a few useful hints and tips. I didn't buy any as they were far too expensive for my frugal tastes (they dont call me Mrs. Tightwad for nothing) but I did buy some compost and fertiliser. Anyway, I think I will be trawling the reduced plant departments more frequently and perhaps even find a neglected Cymbidium or Dendrobium that needs a caring home.