Friday, 21 August 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

I never did write anything here about Michael Jackson. Not because I didn't care - more likely because whatever I wrote couldn't do him justice.
I was never a great "fan" but I did enjoy his music very much. I grew up listening to him and watching him grow and develop from being one of the Jackson 5 with his brothers to a unique individual who had a lifestyle like no other.
He was frequently in the news for various reasons - not always good but I do believe that underneath everything he was basically a good person. I'm sure he was misguided at times and sometimes his judgement was way off but we all make mistakes and Michael Jackson certainly paid for his. His children (does it matter whether they are "his" or not) seem to be remarkably well adjusted and "normal" and I feel that, as a father, he was second to none.
To say Michael Jackson was talented is a vast understatement. He wasn't crowned "King of Pop" for nothing and I doubt that anyone will topple him from his throne - at least not for a long time. Long Live the King of Pop.